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What We Do: We offer members of the world's #1 rated STD community a datingservicefeaturing STD personal ads comprised of a diverse, internationalcommunity of STD adults. Our HIV positive singles are united by commongoals - find great matches, make new friends, form romanticrelationships, meet life partners or even receive helpful guidance andadvice from others in the HIV+ community. You will find true, lastinglove at PositivesDating.com. Please read on...

The Big Question: Why Should You Give Up Love Because of HIV?
We feel it's wrong and we wanted to do something about it...

We made Hsoulmate.com and we made it well. We aren't likeother services, we promise to do all we can to truly elevate the levelswellness in your life. We believe that every human being deservespassionate love. We aren't only a dating service, we're doing all wecan, day by to day to be a personal service company that listens toyour needs.

People just like you are joining right now... They are trying to live life to its fullest and are living up to our mantra... When life pushes you around, push back! This is just the beginning of something beautiful.

Join ustoday and experience the comforting realization that you really are notalone in your experiences. You will be overjoyed when you see how manypeople just like you are waiting for someone to come into their lives.Most people are just waiting though, so we urge you to be one of thosefew that takes action. Join now, get on our search page and startlooking for love. We hope that you'll join us and use our service.We've all worked so hard to bring it to you.

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